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4.470 - Sand patch equipment acc. EN 13036-1

4.470 - Sand patch equipment acc. EN 13036-1
Product Code: 4.470

Sand patch equipment acc. EN 13036-1

for road and airfield surface characteristics. The equipment is used for the measurement of pavement surface to determine the average macrotexture depth by using a volumetric patch technique.

The set comprises: Ÿ

  • Portable wind shield 600 x 300 mm (large case, also for storing the equipment case) Ÿ
  • Spreader disc with handle and rubber surface
  • Wire brush and soft brush Ÿ
  • Graduated stainless steel rule 300 mm aluminium cylinder, 25 ml (3 pcs) for spheres volume measurement
  • Ccarrying case



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