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1.050.40 - Coolant chiller - redundancy models 230 l

1.050.40 - Coolant chiller - redundancy models 230 l
Product Code: 1.050.40
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Coolant chiller - redundancy models 230 l

for cooling of binder extraction machines, analysators, recovery units, rotary evaporator, etc.

These chillers consist of up to 4 cooling aggegates which assures the functioning of the chiller even in case one aggregate breakes down.

These models are energy-saving, because the aggregates run in dependence of the required cooling power.

  • For safe, environmentally friendly and inexpensive cooling of distilling systems
  • The cooling water is pumped to the devices requiring cooling through a circulating system (cooling agent : R134a)
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Shut down of the recooler in case of low water or overtemperature
  • Controlling of filling level with indicator
  • Water filling with conventional antifreeze
  • Power: 3Ph/400V, 16A
  • aggregates 4
  • pumps 4
  • cooling power 4x3300 kW
  • coolant in 4
  • coolant out 4
  • water tank 230 l
  • dimensions (mm) 1480x850x1630


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