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3.231 - Universal test machines 50 kN feed regulated Feed 0,01 mm/min. to 50,99 mm/min.

3.231 - Universal test machines 50 kN feed regulated Feed 0,01 mm/min. to 50,99 mm/min.
Product Code: 3.231

Universal load frame 50 kN feed regulated, Feed 0,01 mm/min. to 50,99 mm/min.

for CBR- Marshall-, triaxial- and unconfined compression test

acc. to EN 12697-23, -34 - EN13286-47 - ASTM D1559 - ASTM D1883 - AASHTO T245, T283 - AASHTO T193 - TP A-StB T23 - TP A-StB T34 - TP A-StB p.80 - TP BF-StB p B7.1

Twin-column frame, floor model with pressure plate and height adjustable crosshead. Motorized drive system. Feed rate adjustable via coding switch from 0,01 mm/min. to 50,99 mm/min., suited for asphalt and soil samples.

The machine is equipped with overload protection with automatic switch-off and limit switch.. The drive consists of a multi phase stepper motor with planetary gears. The spindle is driven by a chain.

The machines are outfitted with a work envelope of max. 400 mm. The extensions and the ball joint are used to work with very flat samples as well. The hardened base plate has a diameter of 280 mm.

The test machine is generally operational without the use of a PC. The electronic measuring system for force- and travel values is included. Additionally, this enables interfacing a PC. The measuring system contains additional functions for automatic reset of travel and maximum force recognition. This also stores the maximum value after the sample breaks. These additional functions can also be deactivated for the transmission of data.

Supplied complete with electronic force and displacement measuring system, force measurement with load cell acc. 0,1%, displacement measuring via incremental displacement sensor, range 50 x 0,01 mm. Digital display with RS232 interface and software for Windows PC or Notebook WIN98/2000/ME/XP.

Two ball joints and two screwable extensions are also included.

These test machines are also available with a work envelope of up to 800 mm and a piston stroke of max. 600 mm

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